It’s no secret that two of my favourite things are Turkey (the country) and food. So, it would be a crime not combine my knowledge on both and share my top 5 Turkish edible treats with you. Here you go…

5 Turkish Foods - A Travel Blog by Marie Rowe |

1. Börek

Various shapes of baked filo pastry snacks filled with feta cheese, meat or vegetables. They’re eaten as starters, snacks, lunch, or side dishes – very tasty, especially dunked in a bowl of hummus!

2. Pide

As pictured above, this is a Turkish style of pizza. An oval shaped flatbread filled with slow cooked ground meat, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Often served with a selection of dips and typically eaten as a side dish alongside grilled meats and kebabs.

3. Bazlama

A traditional Turkish bread, almost like a cross between a flat Ciabatta and an English breakfast muffin. It’s round, soft and delicious and often prepared on a stove top or in an outdoor oven.

4. Menemen

Menemen is a traditional Turkish breakfast dish made with slow cooked tomato, green pepper and onion, with eggs scrambled in before serving. Often served with bread, this is a guaranteed way to set you up for the day!

5. Ocakbaşı

Ocakbaşı is the name of a specific type of charcoal barbecue which is very popular in Turkey. The name Ocakbaşı translates as ‘stand by the grill’ and dedicated restaurants typically have large open charcoal barbecues that you can sit around and watch the grill master at work, preparing all kinds of tasty meat and Kebab dishes. Adana Kebab is definitely one to try!


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