I’m not writing this post because I’ve been to Puglia and I want to tell you all about it. I’m writing it because I haven’t been to Puglia (yet) and I want to tell you all about it.

I’m planning to visit, soon, but on the off-chance that I don’t make it there as quickly as you do, I want to share my big Puglia adventure plans to help inspire your visit.

If you don’t make it there before me (I’m aiming for April 2019), keep an eye out for my post-Puglia post and if you’re lucky enough to read the before and after edition then I’m certain you’ll be able to take some serious inspiration to help plan your perfect trip.



If you follow my ‘Travel Goals’, you’ll know I’m a keen planner; but I don’t tie myself to a set schedule and an hour by hour detailed itinerary because I know only too well that this doesn’t work. Not when you’re me! I’m sure it works well for some people but in my experience, my best trips have followed lots of research and a pre-plotted Google map with ten times more places than I will ever have time to visit. From there, I take each day as it comes, choosing one of my ‘must see’ places and my trusty map shows me what else is in the local vicinity that I’ve highlighted to see or do. You understand. Here’s the perfect example of that process…


Plotted Google Map of places to visit in Puglia


Check out my map locations with images here in Google Maps.

With this research in the bank ready to be summoned when the time arises for me to head on my merry way, I know I’ve already done the leg work and can concentrate on enjoying my trip (and my food).

Why Puglia?

This is a region famed for its ancient towns, extravagant architecture and impressive church buildings, all surrounded by olive groves, turquoise seas and heavenly cuisine. What’s not to love?

There’s more! Beaches likened to those of the Maldives, towns compared to the likes of Florence, caves, restaurants inside caves, vineyards, street markets and last but not least, the reason I was drawn to this region before I discovered its wealth of culture, beauty, underground realms and cuisine… trulli houses!

These quirky dome peaked dry-stone buildings date back to the 14th century and are found in abundance in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Alberobello. This is where I’m going, and THIS is where I’m staying.

My plan is to explore the region and taste the region! Wine, cheese, olives, pasta, pizza, ice cream… there will be a food blog coming your way for sure.

My top towns to visit…

  • Alberobello
  • Lecce
  • Bari
  • Locorotondo
  • Ostuni
  • Otranto
  • Martina Franca



My top things to do…

  • Visit a Vineyard, particularly this one
  • Learn how to make fresh pasta
  • Visit Ostuni Street Market



My top beaches to visit…

  • Pescoluse – Known as the Maldives of Puglia. Since taking a photo in Majorca that could so easily be mistaken as a scene from the Maldives, I want to make it my mission to find as many Indian Oceanesque spots as I can in Europe. Just for fun!
  • Polignano a Mare – For its photogenic rocky coastline
  • Torre Dell’Orso – For its pretty sea stacks and caves



My top caves to visit…

  • Grotta della Poesia (AKA Cave of Poetry)
  • Grotta Zinzulusa
  • Grotte di Castellana



For more inspiration and ideas to help plan your perfect trip to Puglia, visit my Pinterest board ‘Travel Goals: Puglia, Italy’ and if you get there before I do, i’d love to hear about your trip. If you’ve already been and have some exciting ideas to add to my list, drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!



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