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Marie Rowe - Travel Blogger | marierowetravel.blog

My social media profile bio’s all say ‘Travel obsessed travel agent on a mission to eat and blog my way around the globe with my drone’. In a nutshell, this is the story. Let me break it down…

Travel Obsessed

Maybe the word ‘globe’ is a bit much. I have no desire to see a large percentage of this planet as it happens but that’s ok because there’s more than enough of the bits I do want to see to last me a lifetime. I have a substantial bucket list and subject to earning enough money to fulfil it, I hope to make a decent effort before I’m too old for budget airlines. I  just love being abroad. I absolutely love packing a suitcase, going to the airport, getting on a plane and landing somewhere new – it’s the most exciting thing for me. My favourite trips are City breaks, Mediterranean islands, road trips and anywhere that includes castles, massive bridges, lighthouses, lakes & mountains, cable cars, penguins and amazing food (will talk more about that in a sec).

Travel Agent

I am a Travel Agent. I need a job, not least to fund my expensive obsession with travelling and it’s the only job I can think of that allows me to live and breathe all the things I am passionate about on a daily basis, which obviously includes travel but not just that. I run my own business which gives me the flexibility to sell personally tailored holidays whilst doing an epic job at providing a level of customer service that you can’t find online and managing my own marketing which I’m also pretty obsessive about.


I love eating, what more can I say? Foreign cuisine is exciting and I love trying traditional dishes and discovering new foods the way they’re meant to be cooked rather than the way they’re interpreted in the UK so when i’m planning a trip, food goals are on the map!


You’re reading it. I recently told someone that i’d been writing about my travel experiences for almost 30 years which I found quite amusing as i’m only 34 but it’s true… I had to write about my holiday’s as a kid and read it out to my classmates every year. I love remembering my memories and I love sharing my experiences with anyone who might enjoy hearing about them.

Drone Pilot

Last year I learnt to fly a drone and developed an uncharacteristic level of excitement at any given opportunity to fly one. So I got a little DJI Spark and frankly, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. I absolutely love looking down with a camera in the sky and taking pictures from above. I just do. My top 3 drone goals are Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, A whale off the coast in Hermanus in Cape Town, and Plitvice lakes in Croatia. Ambitious, I know!

My Next Trip

Puglia, Italy